September 28, 2020
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September 22, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

Masks used to be something that appeared on the store shelves sometime in September in preparation for Halloween, something worn to prevent frostbite while skiing, or something worn during the commission of a crime to hide one’s identity. […]

I love books

September 15, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

I love books. There weren’t a lot of them around the house when I was little, but I loved the ones I had. Dr. Dan the Bandage Man, The Little Red Hen, and The Little Engine That Could were my favorites. […]

The dog whisperers

September 8, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

David and I haven’t visited with our dog friend Spike since February when his human family went to Israel. They were supposed to go again in June, and I’m sure they had other fun trips scheduled, but COVID messed up their plans along with those of everybody else on the planet. […]

USA – Melting pot or seething cauldron

September 1, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

When it comes to politics and current events, especially those outside the safety of small-town America, I tend to be of the Pollyanna/ostrich persuasion. If I can’t see the bright side of a situation, I stick my head in the sand, hoping it will go away. […]

Smoothies and leftovers

August 25, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

Several months ago, diets became a popular topic of conversation at our weekly home group Bible study. It’s not surprising since food is the second most important reason for getting together next to the actual study part. Well, maybe the third since we do enjoy each other’s company a lot. […]

The best of times, the worst of times

August 18, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

A Tale of Two Cities, the epic historical novel by Charles Dickens, begins with a famous opening sentence: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. If you ask most people which of those two choices would best describe 2020 so far, a huge majority would probably choose the latter. […]

In this together – or not

August 11, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

During this time of pandemic, social distancing and isolation, the slogan “We’re in this together” has become popular on the news and social media. However, after seeing people in action, I wonder if we really understand what being in something together really means. […]

Puppy Patrol

August 4, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

Our next door neighbors have dogs. First there was one, and then there must have been a visitor because there were puppies. […]

Living in a micro world

July 28, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

There was a time not too many centuries ago when it was not uncommon for a person to live their entire life within a few miles of the place where they were born. The furthest they traveled was to the nearest town for supplies, church and school. […]

Kitty and the virus

July 21, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

Kitty may be just a cat, but she knows what’s going on. She’s aware that there is a virus out there that sometimes circulates among camels and bats – and cats. At first, she was pretty casual about the whole thing, but as the numbers have risen, she has become more cautious. […]

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