April 21, 2021
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Free little library

April 20, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

Being President of the Friends of the Library (FOL) has been a learning experience, and I’m still learning even though I’m almost half-way through my three-year term. […]

When the wind blows…

April 13, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

Christmas around the Square is usually a major event in Rains County featuring food, live entertainment, a Santa parade and vendors – where else – around the courthouse square. […]

Excuses for an afternoon nap

April 6, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

Naps are not a normal part of my routine, but I made an exception Sunday afternoon. In my defense, it had been a hectic week. Keeping in mind that hectic has a different meaning to retired people than to those still in the work force. […]

Good Friday

March 30, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

Holy Week began last Sunday and ends this coming Sunday on Easter. But before we can get to Resurrection Sunday, we have to go through Good Friday. […]

New life

March 16, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

Three weeks ago, this column was about the effects of a week of ice and snow, but this one is about life after Snowpocalypse 2021. After all the snow and ice melted, there was a lot of landscape sadness to be seen. […]

Looking back

March 9, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

Computer work has been interesting at the Brendle house for the last week since we’ve been without wifi. We had what we thought was an unlimited plan from a major carrier through a third party provider called Nomad. […]

All creatures great and small

February 23, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

The Snowpocalypse of 2021 has been a challenge to all of us – some more than others. While many report spending days without heat and water, David and I experienced only two days of rolling blackouts, and we had no water outages. […]

Make it a great day!

February 16, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

Many opportunities to be grateful have presented themselves this week – a home that keeps us comfortable even in the worst weather, a full refrigerator and pantry so we don’t have to make a run to the store, and internet service so we can keep in touch when church is canceled, to name a few. […]

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