May 28, 2023
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Sitting on a rock

May 11, 2023 Linda Brendle 0

A couple of weeks ago, Pat came to our Wednesday morning Bible study excited about a story she had seen about a 31-year-old bald eagle who recently became a foster dad. […]

25 Years!

May 4, 2023 Linda Brendle 0

In March of 1998 a small group of believers began meeting at the home of Jim and Tiny Jones for Bible study and fellowship. That group became Believers’ Baptist Church, and this past weekend we celebrated our 25th anniversary. […]

Church Family

April 27, 2023 Linda Brendle 0

Sunday was a great day with our church family at Believers’ Baptist. That was the opening sentence I planned for a simple article about some touching vignettes I saw on the first day of this week. […]

The Quiet Right needs to speak up

March 30, 2023 Linda Brendle 0

In the 1950s the counterculture, those opposed to the existing social rules, was made up of people who wrote books nobody understood and people who sat around on the floor discussing its deeper meanings. […]

Good friends

March 23, 2023 Linda Brendle 0

I joined Facebook many years ago when a friend suggested I sign up so she could share pictures of her grandchildren with me. Why not? […]

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