January 23, 2021
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January 19, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

In the past nine years, I’ve posted over a thousand posts on my blog. I began blogging because my son advised me that I needed to build up a following of readers in order to attract a publisher for my first book. […]

Kitty has new friends

January 12, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

Last week provided lots of material for a serious post about the state of our society and our country, but I decided to write about something more fun – Kitty. The title doesn’t mean that David and I have adopted more cats. […]

New Year attitudes

January 5, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

For the last few days, Facebook, email, texts and all other social media have been full of messages related to the beginning of another year. Although most are similar in content, there is a definite difference in attitude. […]

Way too dependent

January 5, 2021 John Kelly, CISSP 0

The problem with magic is that there are times when it simply does not work as expected. On December 14, that magic became a temporary nightmare for millions of Google account users. […]

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