October 26, 2021
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Sandwich quirks

July 6, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

While recently enjoying a grilled cheese sandwich, I was thinking about my odd habit of eating around the edges and saving the middle for last. As a child, I didn’t really care for bread crusts, so I would pull them off my sandwiches and leave them on my plate. […]

Vignettes from a vendor event

June 29, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

One of the most difficult parts of being an independent author is marketing, but it can also be the most rewarding. Obviously, the biggest reward is selling books, but other positives include finding interesting new venues, meeting other creative entrepreneurs, interacting with readers face to face, and collecting writing material. […]

Daddy’s girl

June 15, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

My father has been in Heaven for 10 years, but I still miss him and think about him a lot. He’s especially on my mind in June when there is so much emphasis on fathers, so in honor of the special day, I am sharing some of my favorite memories of the man I called Daddy. […]

Messaging alert

June 8, 2021 John Kelly, CISSP 0

In recent years, email providers have improved their ability to filter out spam and malicious emails. As a result, thieves and scammers are increasingly using smart phone messaging to target victims, and it is getting worse every day. […]

Work is a good thing

June 8, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

During my formative years – many years ago – developing a good work ethic was a very important part of becoming an adult. My family believed in work. […]

Advice to graduates

June 1, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

Many Facebook posts last week have been devoted to graduations. The pictures of and congratulations to children and grandchildren have sent many of us on trips down memory lane to our own high school and/or college graduations. […]


May 25, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

Writing is all about communication – about sharing thoughts and ideas through the written word – and about the connections that are made through that sharing. […]

Rescue is noisy business

May 18, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

East Tawakoni held their first Arts & Crafts Expo on Saturday, and I was one of about 15 vendors. Since there were no assigned spaces, I planned to get there well before the 9:00 a.m. opening to get a prime spot. […]

Baby or mass of cells?

May 11, 2021 Linda Brendle 0

Mother’s Day weekend was extra special to me this year. Saturday was the 50th anniversary of the day I first felt my baby move. I was four months pregnant and had been waiting for that faint butterfly feeling I had heard other expectant mothers describe. […]

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