November 25, 2020
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How Thanksgiving grow

November 24, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

Like everything else this year, Thanksgiving is going to be a bit different. We usually go to the home of relatives for the holiday, but as the messages began coming in that various families were staying home alone this year, I began to plan my menu. […]

A lone Indian Paintbrush and Paul McMerrell

November 17, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

David and I visited with our dog friend Spike last weekend while his people took a break from raising cattle. Spike was unusually subdued, maybe feeling the pressure of 2020 like the rest of us. More likely, though, his calm attitude is because of the strict restraints he’s under to keep him from chasing several new calves. Instead of having the run of the ranch, he stays in the barn, the house or tethered on the patio, and he walks on a leash. […]

Roan retires as director of Emory Development Corp.

November 10, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

Reka’s Rise and Shine Coffee Co. is a good place to meet people for a cup of coffee and a chat. It’s an especially good place when the person you’re meeting is Keeley Potter Roan who owns and operates Reka’s with Bert, her high school sweetheart and husband of 38 years. […]

The end of an era?

November 10, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

My husband David has been a biker most of his life. He learned to ride his uncle’s old Cushman motorcycle when he was nine, and since then, hitting the road on two wheels has been an almost magical experience to him. […]

What is racism anyway?

November 3, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

The subject of racism is impossible to avoid today since it’s at least mentioned in a majority of news stories and broadcasts, social media posts and many conversations. It’s easy to assume that the definition of such a common word is common knowledge. But as we all know, assumptions can be wrong. […]

Leftover Books

October 27, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

“By the time this column is published the remaining books will have been hauled away to be sold at Half-Price Books, but the Book Shed behind the Library won’t be empty.” This sentence was in the final paragraph of last week’s column in which I talked about some of the book lovers I met at the Friends of the Library Book Sale. […]

Book lovers of Rains County

October 20, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

The Friends of the Library 2020 Book Sale has come and gone, and I’m exhausted. In fact, many of the more seasoned FOL members are exhausted after a week of setting up tables, unpacking and sorting thousands of books, displaying them, and repacking them. […]

Redistribution of wealth

October 13, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

Have you noticed that, when you’re trying to be careful of what you eat, you are suddenly surrounded by food? Everyone at work or Bible study has a birthday accompanied by your absolute all-time favorite cake. Every commercial on TV and every print ad you see are designed to make you hungry – and it works. […]

COVID jail

October 6, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

David and I spent the weekend in COVID jail – not because we had the virus, but because we didn’t. He had some minor surgery on his hand on Monday at the VA in Dallas, and as part of the pre-op procedure, we had to go in Friday for him to have a COVID test. […]

North to Alaska

September 29, 2020 Linda Brendle 0

A trip to Alaska to see the Northern Lights is at the top of Ray Ragan’s bucket list. Ragan has devoted his life to helping others. Now others have an opportunity to make his dream come true. […]

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