April 23, 2021
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Disappearing universe

February 2, 2021 John Kelly, CISSP 0

No need to worry. The actual universe, the one outside your window at night, is not actually disappearing – at least in the traditional sense. But in many ways, it has been disappearing for over a century! […]

Way too dependent

January 5, 2021 John Kelly, CISSP 0

The problem with magic is that there are times when it simply does not work as expected. On December 14, that magic became a temporary nightmare for millions of Google account users. […]

Information overload

December 1, 2020 John Kelly, CISSP 0

This spring, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed due to the worldwide pandemic combined with many social and cyber issues and crises in the US. The usual cyber dangers and threats were present, but now the pandemic increased the risk of being a victim of cyber crime. […]

Apps for rent

October 13, 2020 John Kelly, CISSP 0

Programs, applications (apps) and software are all terms that refer to the electronic instructions a computer uses to be able to perform various tasks. I use “apps” because all three terms, in a sense, are interchangeable. […]

Email address privacy

September 1, 2020 John Kelly, CISSP 0

Occasionally I have received an email notification or reminder from someone and I was disappointed to see all the email addresses of other recipients that were included in the email. […]

USB: A great low-powered standard

August 18, 2020 John Kelly, CISSP 0

One thing that has helped make life better for those of us who use technology has been standards. Sometimes I think we do not fully appreciate those standards. The advent of personal computers made standards even more important, both for hardware and software. […]

The eye of the pandemic

July 7, 2020 John Kelly, CISSP 0

Having lived on the Texas Gulf Coast for much of my early years, I managed to survive category three and four hurricanes during that time. I now view the pandemic similarly to how I looked at hurricanes. I have found many similarities between the two threats. […]

Working from home

June 9, 2020 John Kelly, CISSP 0

The whole idea of working from home is a two-edged sword. Working from home can have many advantages, but it also can have disadvantages, especially for people who may not be self-disciplined. […]

Podcasts rediscovered

May 5, 2020 John Kelly, CISSP 0

In the last 60 days, a lot has changed in virtually every aspect of life in America. For instance, I have recently rediscovered: podcasts. A podcast is a digital audio file that can be streamed or downloaded via the internet. It is what you get when you merge Apple’s iPod media player and “broadcast.” […]

Scam Tsunami coming

April 7, 2020 John Kelly, CISSP 0

This column may be the most significant and important one I have ever written for Leader readers. I want to alert you to something that is coming over the horizon for which you may not be ready. I call it the great Scam Tsunami. […]

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