May 28, 2024
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Robert Bennett Resneder


Robert Bennett Resneder, beloved husband, father, Papa, community member, and friend to all, passed away on July 7, 2023, at his cabin in the woods. Born on November 14, 1947 in Hobart, Oklahoma, Robert’s life was a testament to faith, family, perseverance, and community outreach.

Robert was a man of guiding purpose whose many talents provided for successfully navigating the challenges, opportunities, and changes that life presented. Those who knew him may have known a talented, heavy equipment mechanic, an appraiser who took great care in his craft, a teacher who was able to convey the workings of a diesel engine in everyman’s terms, an old wise man with a cane, a photographer who captured details in the everyday, a young man who lost his father at an early age, a talented 42 player, a league champion baseball coach, the dad that towed the high school band trailer to everything, a devoted husband of more than five decades, a custom builder of assistive devices for the handicapped, an older student returning for his college degree, someone with music in his heart joyfully whistling and singing off key for all to hear, and the guy that knew the answers before Google was a thing.

Called to duty by his belief in God and family, Robert served the church as an elder, his family as whatever they needed that day, and his community with a friendly word, smile, and ear to bend. His acts were often anonymous and he eagerly searched opportunities to assist.

Robert built a legacy upon kindness, integrity, and unwavering devotion. While his impact cannot be quantified, his actions leave us with memories and guideposts from a life rooted in belief and love. While we mourn our loss we are called to celebrate as Robert joins his son Randell, and his brothers Mike and James in their forever home.