October 26, 2021
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’Twas the night before Christmas

December 24, 2019 Linda Brendle 0

As a kid, December 24 and not the 21 seemed like the longest night of the year. The day was busy with running to the store for some forgotten item, wrapping just one more package, and cooking. The house was filled with holiday smells as Mom prepared her offerings for the Christmas Eve party at Aunt Fay’s house and Christmas dinner the next day. […]

Christmas boxes

December 17, 2019 Linda Brendle 0

When I was a kid, December 26 was Granny Hagan’s birthday. Later on it became the day to return those what-were-you-thinking gifts and to stock up on Christmas supplies for next year. […]

Country folks are prepared

December 10, 2019 Linda Brendle 0

At the end of last week’s column, I mentioned that I was planning to be one of the vendors at the Christmas Around the Square event on Saturday. It took a bit more planning than some of the events I’ve done because it was my first one outdoors. […]


December 3, 2019 Linda Brendle 0

Most of my Saturday was taken up by a book event. Angela Snyder and Billy Watkins, partners in Lane Street Collectibles in Quitman, hosted a book signing for me. After helping me set up and tear down, Billy commented, “There’s a lot involved in these book signings.” He’s right. […]

’Tis the season for cyber thieves and scammers

December 3, 2019 John Kelly, CISSP 0

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now history for the 2019 Christmas shopping season, there will still be billions of dollars purchased between now and Christmas, much of it online. However, it is never too late to learn tips that can protect you from fraud and scams that could ruin your shopping experience, causing tremendous grief and financial loss. […]

Cat hair? Don’t care!

November 26, 2019 Linda Brendle 0

Sunday morning while I was drying my hair, David came into the bathroom with Kitty trailing not far behind. They were carrying on an animated conversation – at least he was. She wore her usual bored expression. […]

What your pastor gives up

November 19, 2019 Linda Brendle 0

Pastor Appreciation Day was last month, and I pretty much let it slide by. I told myself that I let Pastor Jason know on a regular basis how much I appreciate him, but something happened on Sunday that I couldn’t let pass without notice. […]

Plenty to do in Emory

November 12, 2019 Linda Brendle 0

Many people don’t like the idea of small town life. “There’s nothing to do!” they cry. That might be true if they want first-run movies, Broadway-style stage performances, world class theme parks, or five-star dining. But if they can be content with fun, heart-warming events shared with warm-hearted, friendly people, Emory just might be the place. […]

My Tech Guru

October 29, 2019 Linda Brendle 0

David has earned a reputation as the tech guru at the senior center because of his knowledge of all things electronic – computers, phones, tablets and even high-tech watches. Many of our friends have asked […]

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