February 26, 2021
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A sweater so … unique

December 15, 2020 Kay Thompson 0

The Rains County Leader’s ugly sweater contest winner is Sherry Dennis. Dennis received a free subscription to the Leader with her flamingo-inspired Christmas sweater during the open house held Friday, December 11. […]

American Legion receives donation

December 8, 2020 Kay Thompson 0

In honor of veterans during Veteran’s Appreciation Week in Rains County, several businesses purchased ads in the Rains County Leader expressing their appreciation to all veterans. A portion of the ad sales was donated to the Rabb Brothers American Legion Post 156 in Rains County. […]

Republicans hold KAG rally

August 25, 2020 Kay Thompson 0

Rains County Republican Chair Kristi Ratliff hosted the MAGA KAG Trump Rally on Sunday, August 23, at Sidekick’s Bar and Grill in Emory. There were numerous speakers at the event, including Texas State Senator Bob Hall. There were approximately 100 attendees. […]

Happy birthday to you

April 14, 2020 Kay Thompson 0

Colby Crawford, an eighth grader at Rains Junior High, received a Happy Birthday serenade by Rains County’s first responders on his 14th birthday, April 13. See the related story on page 3 of this week’s Rains County Leader. Learn how to make a child’s birthday special during this time of social distancing. […]